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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What does Sweetness Made To Order mean?
We bake a limited supply of cupcakes daily for walk-in customers and sell them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q. Can I come in and purchase an assortment?
Yes, you can come in and purchase an assortment of flavors and sizes anytime! For spur of the moment orders an assortment is actually preferred.

Q. How many cupcakes should I order for my gathering?
This all depends on your gathering, of course. In our experience most people love our minis. Men pop them like a sushi roll. Ladies take a few bites and children feel very special with a “just my size cupcake”. Usually between 2-4 minis per person is a good rule of thumb. If you’re having other desserts 1 per person may suffice. Keep in mind that the more flavors you choose the more cupcakes people want to try. Gigi’s original size is equivalent to a slice of cake so 1 original per person is usually enough. It can’t hurt to have a few extra, they do last for a few days…if they last!

Q. Do you bake gluten free products?
Yes! We bake vanilla bean and chocolate gluten free cupcakes daily in mini & original sizes (Original Size only available in Maplewood unless preordered). The majority of our amazing frostings are gluten free (see the very end of FAQ for the list). Give us 48 hours notice and you are guaranteed however many you need, otherwise they are first-come, first-serve just like all the rest.

Q. Are your products nut free?
We suggest you order Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream as we cannot guarantee that our chocolate, chocolate chips or M&M’s have not come into contact with some form of nut or nut oil substance as per their statements on their packaging. Therefore, we suggest if you have an allergic reaction to any nut-based substances, you should refrain from purchasing our baked goods that contain chocolate, chocolate chips or M&M’s.

Q. Do you ship Gigis Cupcakes?
Yes, we ship them in our GigiPop. We take 3 minis without the wrappers and layer them with frosting in our pop container. After that, we place 12 of them in a custom package and ship them over night via FEDEX. We’ll include a note for the recipient as well as care instructions. Our GigiPops last for 10 days in the refrigerator and can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Q. What are your prices for Mini Size Cupcakes?
Less than 6 minis, each cupcake is $1.75 + tax
6 minis = $9 + tax
1 dozen (12) minis = $18 + tax

Q. What are your prices for Original Size Cupcakes?
Less than 6, each cupcake is $3.25 + tax
6 originals = $18 + tax
1 dozen (12) originals = $36 + tax

Q. How long do Gigi’s Cupcakes stay fresh?
For peak freshness store your cupcakes below 70 degrees and they will last for up to 3 days in the original plastic packaging. They can be refrigerated or frozen as well; just make sure to bring them to room temperature before serving for best results!

Q. Is it necessary to place an order in advance?
We bake a large variety of flavors in small batches daily in Mini and Original size (Original size offered daily in Maplewood and Stony’s locations only. We also bake 4 flavors of Jumbo’s (Maplewood and Summit only) in very limited quantities daily: Vanilla, Chocolate, Black Velvet & Confetti. Reserve your Jumbo in advance, they run out quickly. We sell our products on a first-come, first-serve basis, therefore we recommend you place your order in advance if you have your mind set on specific flavors or quantities (a large order).

Q. What is considered a large order?
A large order is 6 dozen (and more) of one flavor or 12 dozen (and more) of an assortment.

Q. How much advance notice is required for large orders?
We have been known to help out in “Cupcake Emergencies” (Same Day Service) However, we would appreciate 48 hours notice for any orders of 6 dozen or more of any cake flavor or 12 dozen assorted. Because we are “Sweetness Made To Order” we bake a limited supply every day. 48 hours notice is enough time for almost all cupcake orders.

Q. If I pick up a Cupcake Burst today will it be okay to serve tomorrow?
Yes, you can certainly serve your cupcake burst tomorrow or the next day. As long as the domed lid remains tightly secured on the burst it will be airtight. Remember to always store Gigi’s Cupcakes below 70 degrees and whipped creams in the refrigerator.

Q. Can you make custom cupcakes?
Yes, we call them sugar transfers.
We have a printer that allows us to print any high resolution image or logo on the following: 1(3) inch circle to top our jumbo cupcake,1(8) inch circle to top a cupcake burst
We also have the ability to write on and personalize the images. Please allow 24 hours notice. Send your image to cupcakes@gigiscupcakes.com and include your name and phone number to confirm.

Q. Do you make pink or green cupcakes to match my themed party?
Yes, we can airbrush your cupcakes. For airbrush we only use vanilla buttercream, your choice of 8 pastel colors. Each color is $4 additional and requires 48 hours advanced notice. See color wheel.

Q. Do you do wedding cupcakes?
Yes we do. Call us to discuss the perfect display for your special day.

Q. What makes your cupcakes so special?
We bake everything in small batches, and frost to order. We ONLY use the finest ingredients, like pure vanilla and vanilla beans from Madagascar, Valrhona cocoa, Ghirardelli chocolate and REAL creamery butter. Every cupcake is made by hand with love!

Q. How long has Gigi’s Cupcakes been open for business?
We started baking when we were kids and began serving our local customers in 2004. We continue to serve, cater and deliver cupcakes throughout the NY/NJ Metro Area as well as ship our GigiPops nationwide. We’re constantly creating new flavors and are open for suggestions!

Q. How do I pay for Gigi’s Cupcakes?
We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Debit Cards and American Express.

Q. Can I travel on the plane with Gigi’sCupcakes?
Yes, our compartmentalized boxes keep our mini cupcakes very secure. Up to 4 dozen minis fit nicely in our shopping bag and will make it to your destination in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. Be sure to bring a GigiPop or two for your lovely air hostess’ or gate attendant, you may even get bumped to first class!

Q. Where is your Maplewood location?
1925 Springfield Avenue, Maplewood, NJ 07040. We are on the corner of Springfield Avenue & Indiana Street, one mile up from the Union Whole Foods. We have seven parking spaces available on Indiana Street right in front of our shop.

Q. What are your Maplewood store hours?
We open at 10am and close at the following times:
Tues-Thurs: 6PM
Friday: 7PM
Saturday: 5PM
Sunday: 3PM
Monday: CLOSED

Q. Where is your Summit location?
417 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901. We are located inside The Wine List of Summit. The Wine List is located 3 doors down from Roots Steakhouse which is located on the corner of Maple and Springfield Avenue. A short walk from the Summit Train Station.

Q. What are your Summit store hours?
We open at 10am every day and close at the following times:
Mon -Thurs: 6PM
Friday: 7PM
Saturday: 5PM
Sunday: 3PM

Gluten Free Frosting availble for your Gluten free vanilla and or chocolate cupcake.

Vanilla Buttercream Chocolate Buttercream Cream Cheese Cinnamon Cream Cheese
Lemon Mocha Buttercream Raspberry Ganache Chocolate Ganache
Peppermint Ganache (Dairy Free) Marshmallow Tiramius Strawberry whipped Cream
Chocolate Mousse Caramel